We wanted to ride the bike, we adapted it to our needs. We wanted to dress in fashion, we created a fashion and comfortable clothing line

D-Different was born from our experience with Di.Di. Diversamente Disabili, the first organisation in Italy that dealt with (re) bringing guys with a physical disability closer to the two wheels, the first in the world to have promoted paralympic motorcycling as a sport discipline. We put more than 450 guys back on the saddle, organised national and international races, even within the MotoGP and World Superbike which have involved more than 180 riders and 12 countries. Do you think it was easy to prove that even with a disability it is possible to safely ride a motorbike?  At all. But we haven’t given up.
Tiziano Guardini, Chiara Valentini, Emiliano Malagoli. D-Different

With the same spirit and the same determination we decided to do a little more, for thousands of people in the world.
Eliminate that barrier every day - in the morning when we get dressed and in the evening when we undress - reminds us that we have a disability.

So we got ours involved community per
confront ourselves on the daily problems that each of them has in dressing. Collected all the information, proposed solutions and tested them.

On our way we met Tiziano
emerging fashion designer who designed the entire collection. It's a fashion house for the realization of the first samples.

The choice of fabrics was made taking into account
of the sustainability: they come from the warehouses of well-known Italian brands, to which we have given one
new life.

Today we are proud to introduce you D-Different,  the first capsule made in Italy designed by disabled people: alla fashionadaptivecomfortablegreen!